Saturday, February 25, 2012

to do lists

I am overwhelmed when I think about the fact that our little girl will be here in a little over a month. I'm overwhelmed with joy when I think about meeting face-to-face the one who has been growing inside of me all this time. Though, I'm also overwhelmed with nervous worry when I think of all the things we have left to do before she comes. What if she's early? I know people say it doesn't matter and you manage, but really, there are things we have to do. Like get a car seat (that will happen Monday--phew). I still need to wash her clothes so she has something to wear. There are many work-related tasks that have to be dealt with still. Our house needs a good cleaning. All the random clutter in our home needs to be put away. We need to do our taxes. I need to pack a hospital bag. Don't even get me started on the state of the nursery (because I know it's not essential, but it still stresses me out). The stuff I've mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg. Since writing about this is starting to make me anxious, I think I'm better off stopping now. I will go and make actual useful lists that can prompt us to take action on as much as we can this weekend. Woo hoo for the prospect of focused productivity!


beth. said...

you are good to go ruth! you and kyle are going to love that baby to pieces and that is all you will make it work! and...if it makes you feel any better...i JUST finished hanging some pictures in malin's room like last week...before that the walls were bare...she didn't notice...just me! hope you had fun car seat shopping! looking forward to "meeting" your sweet baby girl via the internet! love ya...beth.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Beth. I know the mural that Kyle had planned to paint will have to wait quite a while... Just getting color on the walls so we can assemble the rest of her furniture is the priority now when it comes to the nursery. We did get the (borrowed) infant car seat on Monday so at least we know we can get her safely home, should she arrive early for any reason. I also did wash the newborn sized clothes I have so she will have something to wear. Things are getting done, slowly but surely. Thanks for your encouragement!