Saturday, July 05, 2008

Willows HOA Meeting

History was just made. Norm (General Manager--my boss's boss) tells me that I am the first Assistant Manager to run an HOA meeting for Keystone Property Management. Technically, the Board President runs the meeting. But, the area Manager helps prepare the meeting packet and is at the meeting to give reports and represent the management company.

Generally, Managers arrange their personal schedules around the HOA meeting schedule. It's pretty unheard of for a Manager to miss a Home Owners Association meeting, especially one around the 4th of July when so many of the homeowners are around for the Homeowner Picnic we put on. However, Alan was asked to be the best man in his friend's wedding and Norm let him go on vacation this week. That left me to be the management representative for the meeting. So, while the Board President technically ran the meeting, I was there at his right hand to cover the financial reports, give an update on the status of completed and pending projects, and answer questions. Luckily, Norm was there to do the insurance report and to answer any questions that I didn't have the answers to. I'm glad he was there to back me up.

It was a great experience and one that Assistant Managers never really get. So, I feel lucky to have had this opportunity. Everything went smoothly and there was a very positive atmosphere to the whole meeting. I felt prepared (because I had prepared a lot this week) and I was able to address questions that were asked. I'm feeling a great deal of satisfaction and accomplishment as a result of the meeting going well. It's over! I did it! And it feels good.

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