Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Last night, Kyle and I were enjoying dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Hacienda Real in Frisco. We were seated near the kitchen, and about half way through our meal the cooks must have opened the back door to the restaurant. The breeze was nice at first, but then the temperature suddenly dropped. We heard loud claps of thunder and rain pounding the asphalt outside. I was thrilled because this was the first real rain storm we've had all summer.

We finished our sopapillas, paid the bill, and then got a little wet as we scurried to the car. The drive to my house was great! While driving on the Dam Road we looked to the west and saw a magnificent sky. There was still a band of pink and purple, which eerily faded into the gray and black of the rain clouds. It was beautiful. Even if we had taken a picture, we could have never captured the nuances of the shades we were looking at.

The lightning was flashing in the sky and the thunder was roaring and clapping. I was thrilled! I love a good thunderstorm every now and then and I was especially appreciative of this one because it was the first of the season.

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