Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanksgiving in Texas

At the end of this week I will be boarding a plane for Houston, Texas. I am joining my boyfriend, Kyle, and his family for a Hendricks Thanksgiving. I'm not nervous about "meeting the family," as I was friends with his parents before I even met Kyle. I've already met most everyone that will be there, so that part doesn't scare me. I'm really looking forward to it, actually. I like all of them and I get the feeling that they enjoy me, too. It's just that I've never done the family holiday thing with a significant other. And I found out, although Kyle has had several long-term girlfriends, none of them have ever joined his family for Thanksgiving. I'm the first. It's nothing to be nervous about; in fact I'm really excited to be joining them. It's just one of those "firsts" that you only get to experience once so I'm thinking about it more than I would if I were going to my own home for Thanksgiving. I'm curious to experience their traditions and be a part of their family interactions. It will be so fun to have this window into his life. I can't wait. Maybe I am a little nervous, but in that good, excited way.


Brian said...

"Thanksgiving in Texas" - the title alone gives me about a million great memories!! I'm hoping your meal will work out a little better than ours did in 2003!!

Ruth said...

Come on, that was a great meal! Well, honestly, I don't remember if the meal was great or if we all just had such a great time and that's what I'm remembering. That was a fun Thanksgiving! For some reason, I don't think I'll be drinking any Ho Chro this time...

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