Monday, November 26, 2007

kids, brisket, and grits

I spent Thanksgiving in The Woodlands, Texas and it was quite a treat!

No one could deny that the four kiddos were the center of attention. Kyle has three neices and one nephew: Alexa (5), Seth (4), Bella (2), and Stella (2). Stella came up with her own nickname for Uncle Kyle. She walked in, saw him, and said, "That's my best buddy." The rest of the weekend, she would glide over to wherever he was, look up at him with a sly smile and say, "Hi, best buddy..." It was adorable.

While we did have the traditional turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, etc., there were a few additions that I'm not accustomed to, being that I'm a Yankee... I had never heard of brisket until I moved to Texas. In that state, it is the meat of all meats and they take every opportunity to eat it. It is so tender, just add a little barbecue sauce and...yum. Also, I had heard of grits before, but I had never eaten them. Last year, Kyle told me that grits are a traditional food at their Thanksgiving meal. I was shocked to hear it and a little curious about it because I assumed that grits were just a boring breakfast meal. So, his mom sent him the ingredients and he made them for me last year. Baked and combined with garlic cheese, they were delicious. I was just as pleased when they were served this year at the Hendricks home with some ham on the side. Mmmm...mmm!

The week was so wonderful. I loved being around Kyle's family. I got to visit with those I had already met and I had the pleasure of meeting the others for the first time. It was better than I could have imagined!

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