Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Job Interview

I had a job interview yesterday for another position within Keystone. I applied for the Valley Maintenance Office Manager position. It would be more responsibility and more money, both of which I would like to have. The interview went great! I have realized that (this is going to sound weird, but...) I truly enjoy being interviewed.

One of the best parts of yesterday's interview was when he asked me, "Would you describe yourself as organized?" I was honestly able to reply, "You know, before being in this job I have now, I would have said no. But, this position has really changed me and I can truly say that being organized and detail-oriented is a part of who I am now." That felt good. Because it's true. Who would have ever guessed?

I found out later in the afternoon that one of the other people who applied for the job is someone who has been at Keystone for about ten years, doing seasonal work. She now wants a year-round position. So, she is likely more qualified for the position than I am and I am therefore not expecting him to offer it to me. That's OK. At least I took the first and hardest step of actually pursuing something else. The next time I apply for a different job, the anxiety of telling my boss about it is out of the way.

Here's to bigger and better things in the future...

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Kenneth said...


You blew me away when you interviewed several years ago and as you move forward and get more experience, I'm sure you'll keep doing the same. The fact that you're taking each experience and growing stronger from it can only help. Megan still thinks Ruth is one of her best buddies. Drop us an e-mail if you get a chance. (