Friday, October 26, 2007


Today, I met Ruth Charles. She is a new employee over here in River Run. And, no, she is not old enough to be anyone's great aunt or grandmother (as are most people who are named Ruth). She and I share our first name and strangely, her last name is my boyfriend's father's first name.

Anyway, we were talking about our names and she commented about my last name, guessing that it sounded Czech or something Eastern European. I told her it was Croatian and she said that she has a close friend who is Croatian. Her friend's name is Vlada. My dad's name is Vlado.

About one hour after my conversation with Ruth, who should call me at work? Vlado, my dad. I've been playing phone tag with my dad, but we haven't actually talked in over a month.

One of my other conversations with Ruth had to do with our first name. She said that if people give her a hard time about her name, she tells them that her name is part of the word "truth." Upon hearing that, I told her that "Truth" is one of my nicknames. It started out as "Ruth the Truth" and eventually got shortened to "Truth."

About an hour after my dad called, who sent me an e-mail? My friend, Brian, who gave me the "Truth" nickname. We hadn't been in contact for months before e-mailing today.

Crazy timing. Isn't life just bizarre sometimes? Now, if Charles contacts me in some way, it'll just be downright spooky...

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