Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well, after eight months of doing a two-person job alone, I finally have another person who is going to be working with me! The greatest part is that she has worked in our office before. She was one of the back office admin people on the West Side. That means she is very familiar with the job and how everything works. When I knew the job was posted, but before I knew Yari was hired for it, I had been anticipating training someone, which excited me. I love teaching people new things. The fact that Yari knows most of the job means I won't have much training to do, but there are some differences between the East Side and the West Side of the resort, so I will have some things to teach her. I'm just happy I won't be doing everything on my own anymore. Last week I was in tears because I didn't know how much longer I could handle the workload on my own. My prayer has been answered, above and beyond what I expected would happen.

Also, new office space has been purchased so by fall I won't be working underground in a storage closet! Good things just keep happening. It will be difficult to figure out how Yari and I will solve the need for work space until the new offices are ready, but that doesn't matter. I'm just happy that she's starting soon! I've needed the help for so long and it has finally arrived.

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