Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the end of May

Even though I'm not currently in school, there is something about that schedule that persists in my mindset, even into adulthood. The fact that I work for a ski resort helps reinforce the concept that autumn marks the beginning of the year and spring is the end. That leaves summer perfectly positioned in between the end and the beginning, a pause between years.

It is the end of May, which means 100+ degree temperatures for my father in the Phoenix area. In Chicago they're probably getting a mix of rainy days and first sunburn days. Here in Summit County, I'm learning that the end of May can sometimes mean snow. Welcome to 9,100 feet elevation! In my mind, the end of May should be filled with anticipation of the impending summer months. The end of May should be spent unearthing the flip flops and planning summer adventures. It shouldn't be spent brushing snow off the car before going to work, like I did this morning.

Last weekend I had a taste of summer, paddling a canoe down the Colorado River, wearing nothing more than a swimsuit, sundress, sandals, and sunscreen. Basking in the western-Colorado/eastern-Utah sun made me eager for sunny summer days that I'm told are phenomenal here in the high country. I want to plan road trips and weekend getaways. I want to sip an iced coffee drink at an outdoor cafe. I want to experience summer evenings when the sun sets late and the moon shines bright. I want to drive with the windows down. I want to be tan. Those are the things summer is designed for.

It's the end of May. I guess I am doing exactly what I think I should be doing--anticipating what the summer holds. So what if it did snow last night? Summer is coming. And although I don't get to take three months off like I did when I was a kid, summer still holds a certain magic, even for us working adults. Now, where in the world did I put those flip flops?

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