Friday, November 04, 2011


I am thankful for our house. Home ownership certainly has it's stressors, but I am so happy that we are able to live in a house with plenty of space, a big yard, and in a fantastic location. I am incredibly grateful to my handy husband who completed a fence for our yard and installed lattice to hide the items stored under our deck, just one day before a snowfall. I recognize how unique a position we are in to be single family homeowners in Summit County, without being independently wealthy. I do not take it for granted that we are able to live this life in the place we love, hopefully forever. I look forward to building on the memories we have already made in this house. I envision children growing up in our home and one day returning to visit with children of their own. I see this house not just as walls and floors and a roof, but a home and the start of a legacy for our family.

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