Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Belly Frustration

Before I ever got pregnant I knew that I would not be one of those women who had the cute little compact bump in front, and the rest of her looked exactly the same as her pre-pregnancy shape. For one, I'm not slender to begin with, so everything is starting off more squishy. I've been frustrated because at almost four months pregnant I still just look like I've gained weight. My belly is bigger, but it's not more rounded, the way one would expect a pregnant belly to look. I have one pudgy section above my belly button and another plump section below my belly button. Both areas prodtrude out about the same amount, but I have this ring of a more narrow area that separates them and when I'm sitting down, the top roll folds over the bottom one. If they would just merge into a rounded tummy I would feel like I look pregnant, instead of just extra fat. When I told that to my sister the other night, she laughed and told me to write that down somewhere. She said, "When you can no longer see your feet you'll go back and read that and laugh that you had wished to be rounder!" Maybe she's right, but I still hold to my opinion as of right now. I want a real baby bump!

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