Thursday, July 22, 2010

sixteen days...

...until our wedding. I'm going through a whole range of emotions right now, the most prominent of them being excitement to be finally be married to Kyle and anxiety that I won't get something done in time. In the past two days we've had meetings with both our photographer and our DJ (both of whom are friends of ours). It made it all so much more real. We're just over two weeks away from being husband and wife. Eeek! I can't wait! Yet, at the same time, may I please have a couple of more weeks to cross things off my TO DO list? I know it will all come together, and the work we're putting in now will allow us to enjoy and embrace the weekend when it's here. But why do I have to have other committments (work, taking care of a puppy, trying to sell a condo, trying to buy a house) at the same time to get in the way of the wedding stuff? Oh, right, because that's life. A wedding shouldn't overtake those real life elements. Real life is what getting married is all about, after all. Noted.

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