Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RockyGrass Festival

Last weekend Kyle and I camped out in Lyons, CO and we listened to great bluegrass music at the RockyGrass Festival, put on by Planet Bluegrass. The campground we stayed at was not more than a field (our spot was in the outfield just beyond 3rd base--I'm not kidding). But, we were near the St. Vrain River and within walking distance of the festival grounds. The location of the campground was at a park along the river, where people often go tubing downstream. Kyle told me he heard some people walking through to access the river and one of them said, "Man, what's going on? It looks like Woodstock!" Another answered, "I think it's some kind of music festival," to which the first person replied, "well, the music must suck pretty bad then because I don't hear anything." If only he had been two blocks down the road to hear the performances...
I know that bluegrass music isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it would be pretty hard for even a bluegrass critic to deny the talent that the people on stage demonstrated. I'm amazed that so many notes can be produced so quickly by human hands. Plus, I think a majority of bluegrass songs evoke strong emotion and lyric story-telling that many modern rock and pop songs lack. I've been to concerts before, but I've never been to a weekend festival like this. The thing that amazed me most was the variety of people in attendance: families, hippies, silver-haired women, tattooed rocker types, college girls, soccer moms, teenagers, babies, dancing grandpas, tree-huggers, preps, 30-somethings, frat boys, etc. The music and the experience brought everyone together. It was a glorious time of people-watching and music-appreciating.

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