Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Like most people, I love getting mail, whether it's electronic or traditional "snail mail". I tend to check my e-mail too often, regularly a tad disappointed that there's nothing new in the inbox. On the other hand, I check my P.O. box far too seldom. This results in the fact that there is almost always mail in the box, but it also means that I get things pretty late. This ususally isn't a problem because most of the mail I receive is junk mail (I pay bills online). However, I felt a pang of guilt the other night as I fished out the envelopes and noticed several with holiday themes to them. I was thrilled to receive real mail from friends, but I felt bad that I hadn't opened their Christmas cards around Christmastime. So, this post is a public apology/thank you to my thoughtful friends who haven't been recognized for the cards they sent. Thank you, Kristin, Kristin, Alicia, Kristine, and Kathleen. I want you to know I didn't receive them and ignore them. I just didn't take them out of my P.O. box until this week! It just made the spirit of the Christmas season extend even longer, so reading the cards and letters was a delight!

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Alicia VerHage Petersen said...

I love sending you mail - so no problem! Just don't wait too long around your birthday time!!!