Monday, January 26, 2009

Fantasy Bachelor

It's like fantasy football, except with the show The Bachelor. You pick a team of five girls and you score points based on certain criteria. The longer your girls advance to the next episode, the more points you score. My original team consisted of: Jilian (she's the smart, secure Canadian girl), Melissa (the spunky Dallas Cowboys cheerleader), Naomi (she looks a little exotic and her comments in the first episode made me think she might stir up some drama), Nikki (the beauty pageant queen from Illinois who got the first impression rose), and Shannon (the stalker who I picked solely for the drama factor).

I've done well so far. My girls have delivered on the points. I'm almost positive that two of my girls are going home tonight: super-serious, not-fun Nikki and awkward stalker Shannon. The question is, which one do I trade so I can draft Molly (who is sure to score lots of points with her camping date on tonight's episode)? My decision came down to the fact that I think Shannon is more likely to cry and have a bad exit (both of which score points). So, Nikki got the boot. We'll see how I do tonight.

For the record, yes, I am fully aware of how competitive I am, even when it comes to something superficial and silly like Fantasy Bachelor.

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