Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tuesday 9/2

I met up with my parents at their condo and we drove up Loveland Pass to the Continental Divide. We walked around a little, took some pictures, and headed back down toward Keystone. On the way, we stopped at a real mountain spring and filled up a water jug they could keep at their place to ensure that they would stay hydrated.

By the time we were back in Keystone, Kyle was ready to join us. We all drove to Breckenridge, where Dale visited a fly fishing shop and all of us walked up and down historic Main Street. Mom and I indulged in a crepe, while the guys got chocolate milkshakes.

We were going to take them to lunch at our favorite bagel shop and deli, Pika, but it was closed when we drove by. I guess they'll just have to enjoy Pika during a future visit!

Dale wanted to try some fishing, so he got his pole out and walked over to Keystone Lake. He was amused and excited that he kept catching fish after fish! We didn't find out until later that fishing is not allowed in Keystone Lake, except for a kids' fishing derby once a year. Whoops. From that point on, he referred to Keystone Lake as the "aquarium."

We had planned to eat dinner at one of our favorite local places, Arapahoe Cafe's Pub Down Under. It was Taco Tuesday, which also features $2 margaritas. Yum! While we were there, some of our friends arrived and we introduced them to Mom and Dale. After eating and drinking our fill, and then headed back to the condo to rescue the rental car representative who was hopelessly lost. (Mom and Dale had rented a car in Denver and didn't realize until they were on their way that the temporary registration for new plates had expired!) We found the guy and instead of giving them new plates, he just swapped out the vehicles. It worked out well in the end because they got a more fuel-efficient and better-handling car in place of their awkward SUV. It would prove to be very helpful the next day, which was spent almost entirely in the car.

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