Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday 9/1

Mom and Dale arrived on Monday afternoon, while I was finishing up the day at work. I had arranged for them to be able to stay at a condo in the Decatur building, one of the buildings in the area I help manage. The plan was that they would check in and call me after they got settled in their place. However, as I was walking from my office toward Decatur, I saw some familiar faces! Mom and Dale were unloading their car. Even though I was expecting them to arrive anytime, it was still a bit surprising to run into my parents while I was working.

I continued working a little longer and they got settled into their room and then made a trip to the grocery store. After hearing from Kyle, we decided to have them meet us across the street at Red Mountain Grill for dinner. We had a great meal and heard highlights from their time in Salt Lake City with Mike and Alicia. It was a wonderful start to our time together.

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