Tuesday, July 22, 2008

teeter totter

I think this is such a fun picture! We were in a very little southern Colorado town and Kyle spotted a park that had a teeter totter! (Well, he calls it a see saw.) We parked the car and hopped on. I taught him that it's more fun when you straighten your legs all the way because then you get a little boost up in the air when you're at the highest point. Once he tried it, he concurred with my theory. We often use the self-shot method when taking pictures of the two of us. True, most of the time the reason we have to use the technique is because no one else is around. But, sometimes we'll be with other people and they'll offer to take the picture for us and we politely turn them down. Sure, maybe they'd take a better photo than Kyle's outstretched arm could, but there's something special about taking it ourselves. This is an example of a picture that never could have existed had we asked some stranger in the park to take it for us. It's different, silly, and fun--completely reflective of the experience!

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