Sunday, July 27, 2008


For the record, I am not a good bowler. I usually feel lucky to get over one hundred. The first game I bowled last Wednesday, I didn't even make it to one hundred (I got a 99). However, something turned around in the second game and I ended up with a 175! I had four strikes in a row! How it happened, I don't know, but I have proof that it did...see the print-out below. (The printer at the bowling alley wasn't working so well, which is why I wrote over the parts that were smudged so they'd be clearer to read.)

Not only did I bowl a 175, I was also the overall winner that game! John had a 124, Ben had a 132, Kyle had a 135, and Jen bowled a 157. I was shocked and very pleased. This is definitely my all-time high score, and I would be perfectly content if this is the first and only time I bowl that well.


Jason P. said...

I like how you started off each game by hitting only one pin and then picking up the spare.

Ruth said...

Ha ha! You're right. That's pretty funny.