Saturday, April 05, 2008

skiing one day, jogging the next

Yesterday I had to go into work on my day off for a meeting. However, I was still going to make the best of my day off, so I brought my ski gear to work and got a couple runs in before the meeting. After it was over, I went right back out on the mountain and did some more skiing. One fun thing about the day is that I didn't take the same run twice! In fact, my last run of the day was Frenchman, where Kyle had his accident. I purposely took that run so it wouldn't have some kind of hold on me in a negative way. I'm glad I did it, because the run was just fine and it's still one of my favorites to ski. The weather was glorious and the snow was in great condition. It felt wonderful to be out there.

It's amazing to me that the streets are dry and clear of snow, but the mountain tops are still very ski-able. This afternoon I went for a jog around my neighborhood. My joints do not like running on ice or snow, so I haven't been able to run outside all winter. So, it was very pleasant to be able to get out there now that the streets are a little clearer. Of course, I'm sure more snow will come tonight to cover them again, but at least I got to take advantage of a nice day in the 40's and I was out there, running on those roads. It will still be a while longer until the paths are clear, but it was almost as if I got a little taste of spring.

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