Monday, April 14, 2008


I just got back to my desk, after enjoying some runs during the employee ski day. The weather is superb (47 degrees and sunny, which makes it feel like it's in the 60's) and the snow was great. I as able to enjoy a freshly groomed run and some time with Acacia and Angela, who are my soon-to-be-roommates. Left to right = me, Acacia, Angela.

Yesterday was as great, too. I skied during my lunch break with Erin and her friends Kari and Chelsea. Blue skies, great snow, and wonderful people.

It's sad that today is the very last day this season that I get to ski at Keystone, but at least I'm glad I got out there today. I am grateful that (occasionally) skiing during my lunch break is a perk that I get to enjoy by working here.

It is an absolutely glorious day!

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