Saturday, March 29, 2008

We found a place!

As of June 1st, I will have a new home!

I am finally moving out of the house I've been living in with four other roommates. Angela, Acacia and I will move into a lovely 3 bedroom condo in Dillon. It's only a couple blocks from where I live right now, so the fact that the general location is the same is nice. I can still walk to my church, the post office and other locations in the town of Dillon are still in walking distance, and the lake is still about a mile away.

The views aren't as spectacular as they are from the picture window where I live now, but the back deck does look out over Straight Creek and the open space between the condo building and the houses on the next block.

Since my lease is up at the end of April and the new lease doesn't start until June, I will be staying at Kyle's for the month of May. Hopefully he and his roommate won't mind too much!

Here's a link to the Craig's List ad for my (soon-to-be) new place. Check it out:

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Ruth said...

Correction. The landlords told us the place will be ready for us on May 4th! Woo hoo! My current landlord said I can stay at the house for those three days. That means I won't have to put my stuff in storage for a month. I'll only have to move it all once. I'm very happy about that!