Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yesterday we hired a new employee named Daniel. It's wonderful that someone applied because we've been relatively short-staffed since the reorganization of the areas. We really needed another person so I'm very happy that he applied.

One interesting fact about Daniel is that he is deaf. This should make communicating interesting... I don't know much sign language and he doesn't read lips very well, so I'm curious to see how this will go. I have a feeling we will be writing a lot of notes back and forth.

I would love to learn some sign language to communicate with him better, since I will be his direct supervisor. I know how much it means to Carlos, Juan Carlos, Oscar, Saul, Hector, and Pedro that I communicate with them in Spanish. I wish I could do the same for Daniel and talk to him in his language.

If anyone knows some good websites for learning sign language, I would appreciate the tip. I don't know if the company would pay for me to take ASL classes, but that would be so cool if it did! After all, it would certainly make me more effective and efficient at my job if I knew ASL. How cool would it be to be tri-lingual?

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