Wednesday, September 26, 2007

one year/34 years/130 years

Yesterday was a milestone of two different things. Most importantly, it was Kyle's birthday! Secondly, I realized that yesterday was the day that marked one full year of living in Summit County. I moved here one year ago, just in time for Kyle's birthday last year. It's amazing to think I've been here for a year. I've experienced all of the seasons that this wonderful place has to offer. Somehow, it feels like I've lived here longer in the sense that it is truly home to me.

The gift I got Kyle for his birthday is a book of photos of Colorado. The first set was taken around 1870 and the second set was taken in 2000. The second photographer, John Fielder, set up his shots to be from exactly the same perspective as the original photo. Therefore, you get a "then" and "now" feel from the photos. It's amazing to see how much has changed and just how many of the photos look almost exactly the same as they did 130 years ago. Flipping through that book gives one a very interesting perspective on time.

I love that birthdays give us the opportunity to reflect a little on what has changed in the past year. Last night, Kyle was surrounded by his friends in the condo that he bought and is now renovating. They were all grilling and playing pool. Not one of those activities would have been possible for him a year ago, when he was living in the Orlets' house (which, incidentally, is no longer the Orlets' house but now Peter's house). Things change, people grow, life keeps moving. That's scary for some people, but I see it as a gift. New experiences and new life is possible every single day.

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