Monday, September 10, 2007

Mountain Biking

Yesterday evening was my first real foray into the world of mountain biking. A few weeks ago, I bought Kyle's roommate's bike from him, because Ben got a new one and his old one was too small for him anyway. So, lucky me, I got a nice mountain bike for $100! I haven't taken it out much, though. Just some riding on the bike path nearby.

So, yesterday Kyle told me he was going on a bike ride and I asked if I could join him (that is, if he was going to be riding something he thought I could handle). We took off toward Keystone and rode the Gulch Road up to the ski lift at the base of North Peak. Let me tell you, we did quite a bit of climbing! I was certainly huffing and puffing, even with my bike in the easiest gear! It was rewarding to make it up there, though. The way down was pretty fast and thrilling. We crossed a stream and continued on the aqueduct trail. It follows the path of an actual working aqueduct. At one point, there are just a couple boards to ride on, and then just one plank's with. To the right is a very steep drop off. I walked my bike across that one! Then we climbed up to a point that has a really nice view of the surrounding mountains and the Ranch Golf Course. We spotted a curious fox at one point. He was standing on the green of the 15th hole, intent on interrupting the golfers' game, until one of the golfers hit a ball near him to scare him away! He did scurry off at that point. The end of our ride was through "the jedi trail." It is called that because it is really narrow and there are many trees alongside of you. As you ride downhill fast, the trees become a blur and all you see are little flashes of light in your peripheral vision. It was a bit scary but a lot of fun.

I am a little sore today, but that good kind of sore that makes you feel like you accomplished something. I hope we go riding together again soon!

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