Monday, June 11, 2007

the after-church crew

Yesterday, before going to church, Kyle and I ate at one of our favorite breakfast places, Pika Bagel. They have yummy bagels and delicious fair trade coffee. They know Kyle by name, and Jackie knows that he doesn't like tomatoes on his veggie eggman. It's a great place. As we were leaving at 8:45 a.m., the place was empty. I overheard the two girls talking behind the counter. Here's what they said, to the best of my memory.

"It makes me nervous when it gets this slow."
"Yeah, I know. Because you know that all of a sudden, everyone is going to come in at once and slam us."
"The after-church crew."
"Uh, huh..."
"They come in all hopped up on God, showing off that they just got something great, acting all sorry for me because I obviously didn't experience what they just did. Because I'm here, serving them instead of in church."
"Yeah, that pisses me off. Ha. Hopped up on God. Good one."

Most waiters and waitresses will tell you that their least favorite time to work is Sunday morning and afternoon. Why? Demanding customers in large groups who tip poorly. The after-church crew. It is really unfortunate that this is what singles out Christians in the eyes of people around them.

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