Friday, August 11, 2006

New Job

Well, I have a job lined up in Colorado! I'm so glad I won't have to move out there unemployed. It just makes the "moving" anxiety level go down several notches.

On October 2, I will start as an Administrative Assistant for Property Management at Keystone Resort. Although it's a seasonal job, not year-round, the Office Manager said there is a strong possibility that it will become year-round [it did become year-round right when I started!] because of another employee's impending maternity leave and the expected demand for the position to extend beyond the season. The job is hourly (in contrast to the salary job I turned down in Property Management as an Operations Supervisor) and I think the schedule will be great. She said I can work Monday through Friday or I can do four ten-hour shifts a week. Having three days off a week would be very nice, I think. It would mean one more day for running, hiking, biking, or skiing (depending on the weather!).

It's just feels so wonderful that this dream of living in Colorado is becoming a reality. I can't wait to live there!

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Cat said...

Congratulations, Ruth!