Tuesday, May 09, 2006


You've heard the phrase "bloom where you're planted." The concept is a good one. A plant that doesn't take root will eventually die. However, a gardner will purposely keep some plants in separate containers so that they will not develop deep roots, remaining easy to transplant at a later time. Those planters can only hold a limited size plant for a limited amount of time, though. If a plant keeps growing, it will become unhealthy because it can no longer be sustained by the limited amount of soil provided.

I've put myself in a pot, unwilling to be permanently planted here. Maybe I've begun to wither a bit because I've returned to a pot that I've outgrown. Or maybe I just want to save my blooming for another future location and I don't dare put down roots that might keep me from being transplanted when the time comes. Either way, I have to say that although I'm still growing, the current conditions aren't exactly ideal for flourishing.

So let me ask you, is that phrase "bloom where you're planted" always true or are there times to keep those roots from going down deep?


Becky said...

I think there are definitely times of transition in all our lives when we can benefit from keeping ourselves compact and portable, whether it's by keeping our books in a cardboard box, our clothes in a suitcase, or our roots in a pot. In a lot of ways, I've felt like I was in a holding pattern all this semester--my good friends were gone,I felt too busy to think, etc. But then, preciesly because some parts of me were restricted, others grew in totally different ways. Even if your roots are bound for easy moving, you can't stop your leaves from reaching toward the sun. (I'll take you on in an analogy challenge any day, Ruth Skoko!)

Jason P said...

It sounds like you need some MiracleGro. Although, I'm not so sure what the real life application of that methaphor is. Figurative language isn't my forte.

Come to think of it, perhaps you are like a metaphor. You're best suited to a ceartiain situation, but with some creativitivy you can fit almost anywhere.

I'm not to sure what the approprate level of self pride is when you succeed in using a metaphor as a metaphor, but I have very likely exceeded it.

Ruth said...

...leaves reaching to the sun.
...I am a metaphor.
I'm liking it. Thanks for your thoughts, friends.