Thursday, December 15, 2005


On Thanksgiving Day at my grandparents' house we were playing with this little electronic device that is a computerized version of 20 Questions. Its digital readout scrolls questions on the mini screen to which you respond "sometimes", "yes", "no", or "unknown". The thing is pretty remarkable; it's as if it is reading your mind! Only using 20 questions, it guessed slot machine, fork, pumpkin, mobile phone, and many other things. After a little while my uncle Dean suggested, "Hey, do God. Let's see what it comes up with!" I answered the questions and the guess it made was: the soul. Pretty close. (If it doesn't get it within 20 questions it tries 5 more questions to come up with a final guess.) After the 5 additional questions this was its deduction: sunshine. Interesting...

Today I saw firsthand how sunshine transforms things.
The drainage ditches, filled with the rain from yesterday's gloomy gray skies, were glistening streams alongside the road, ribbons of sparkling water reflecting the skipping sunlight.
Yesterday the trees were sopping, saggy, and sorry looking as they were drenched in water. Today, they were dancing, full of brightly colored fluttering leaves, acting as screens to filter the soft light from the sky.

Sunshine has an overwhelming power to affect its surroundings and create beauty.
Well done, 20 Questions, well done.

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