Monday, November 28, 2005

Church Shopping

I realized today that I have never had to find a church.

I started going to First Presbyterian Church of Arlington Heights when I was in junior high. I kept going there until I was employed by The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church, so a seamless church transition was made. While at WCPC, I had been attending Ecclesia when I could. So, when I stopped working for WCPC, another church was immediately in my life.

I have never had to "try out" various churches to see which ones fit my theology and preferences and which ones don't fit. I am faced with the daunting challenge this will be once I move back to Arlington Heights. I have many friends who have already invited me to come to their churches, and I'm sure I will join them to see what it's like, but ultimately, I've grown a lot in the past few years and I'm not ready to choose a church just because some people I know happen to like it. This is going to be an interesting process.

I really wish I could find an "Ecclesia" here. I know I can't bring with me all the people who make it so meaningful, but the reasons I love that church go even beyond those significant relationships. That's saying a lot, because those people mean so much to me. It's asking a lot, but I hope I find some place like Ecclesia in Chicago.


Kelsey said...

RUTH! I totally relate! I just had to find a church of my own. well not just, i guess it was like a year ago. It was so wierd because I also have never had to find a church. Actually I've never even changed churches. I had been at First Pres since 2nd grade. It was so wierd to go from a church where i felt like i knew everyone and was involved in everything to a church where i barely knew anyone. At first it was really hard not to go to the same church my parents went to (i don't agree with their church's theology). But it turned out to be amazing! I have grown more in my faith in the past year than ever before!

APN said...

It's a scary place in which you are living. You feel that you want to honor the places you've been with the places that you're going, but the reason that you're leaving the old places is that are unable to be of importance or relevance in your new life. I have been there and there are days when I still feel like I am there. Peace and blessings to you on your journey

LK said...

Oh I know the feeling... but try relevant magazine's website and emergent village's website, they have some churches that might be able to connect you... relevent's site is how abby found her emerging church in phoenix.