Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bon Voyage

Two of my closest friends here are leaving for a cruise today. When they return, I will already be gone for the three following weeks. Unfortunately, that means we won't see each other for over a month. My sadness about not seeing them doesn't diminish my excitement for their adventure, though!
To make it feel like I'm somewhat experiencing the trip with them, I suggested that they have a "Ruth would love this! Moment" every day. Each moment selected should have some way of marking the event, either through a photo or a tangible reminder of the occasion. I'm so curious to see what I would have loved if I had been there with them. I truly hope they have an incredibly fun and refreshing week.


Kelsey said...

wow nice blog. you have posted like 12 times since the last time i posted. very cool. anyway where are you going for 3 weeks?

Ruth said...

I will be in Colorado for the first week, Chicago for the second week, and Colorado again for the third week. I can't wait!