Saturday, October 08, 2011

Changing Seasons

Winter is approaching quickly and most people who live here are excited about the snow that is starting to fly. Normally, I would be somewhat excited, too, because the arrival of snow would mean that the ski season is starting soon. After all, you can't ski without snow. However, this year I don't have that benefit of winter to look forward to since doctors frown upon pregnant women skiing. I suppose giving up skiing for the season is a small price to pay. :) Yes, that's right, Kyle and I are going to have a baby next spring!

My due date is April first, no fooling! We are very excited about the arrival of our first child. I've been feeling great throughout the whole pregnancy so far. At this point I'm 15 weeks along, so I'm already in my second trimester. I hope the whole thing goes this smoothly. We have told family members, some friends, and I've told my boss, but this is my first try at a more public announcement. The news hasn't hit facebook yet and that's on purpose. I think I'll wait a little longer to announce it there, so please respect that choice by not posting anything about our news there, either. Part of me wonders if anyone will even see the news here; let's face it--I've been a very lax (almost non-existent) blogger over the past year, so I would completely understand if no one even reads this anymore! So, please do comment if you read this post, if only to satisfy my curiosity. Maybe it will prompt me to write more. Plus, now that I'll have some more interesting subject matter, I may feel the desire to write more frequently.

In addition to what the weather is doing outdoors, it certainly feels like seasons are changing in our household. Baby items have crept into our lives and they are starting to fill what has historically been our main guest bedroom. My bedside reading stack is comprised of many books, ones telling me what to expect, others providing suggestions on how to calm a fussy baby, some on the subject of breastfeeding, and more still on sleeping pattern tips, schedules, and so forth. My waistline is expanding and my wardrobe options are getting fewer and farther between. It is strange and wonderful when we consider just how big of a change this will be, and we're eagerly anticipating the new development in our family! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


LKH said...

Congrats, Ruth!

Ruth said...

Thanks, Lauran! That's great news that your sister is pregant, too. When is she due?