Wednesday, November 18, 2009

florist at the gym

Benefit #87 of going to the gym: you might just meet someone who can assist with your wedding at a reasonable price.

I stepped on the eliptical machine last night and I got into a conversation with the woman a couple machines over. She was telling me about a great half marathon she's run, and how it usually takes place at the end of June. I mentioned that might be a good goal for me to train for, as it would help me get in shape for my August wedding next year. She asked a few questions about the wedding and it turns out she is a florist out of Georgetown, CO. I told her that flowers are one aspect of the wedding I haven't even thought of or made any plans for yet, and I really don't know where to start. She told me that because she works out of the county, she is able to charge lower tax, and her rates are the lowest in the area. We talked some more and it turns out she also works at Keystone, and is friends with the baker who is making our cake. She also used to be the roommate of someone else who may be arranging discounted lodging for us, whose son I babysit. I tell you, this is a small county! By the end of our work out, I had her business card and a renewed hope that all this wedding stuff just might turn out better than I could have expected. It was a good night at the gym.

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anna said...

Hi Ruth,

I saw your comment on the post about my wedding on A Practical Wedding (, and wanted to get in touch with you to answer your question about where we got married!

Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd still like more info on our spot - I'm happy to share!