Tuesday, March 10, 2009

snowy playground

This is the view from one of my office windows. I love watching families play together on the playground, especially after a fresh snow, like the four inches we received this morning. Within the past three minutes, I've seen the following: daughter #1 sliding down the slide on her sled, daughter #2 making a snow angel, daughter #1 twirling around on her saucer, mom falling on her face in the snow (not intentionally!), both girls working on constructing a snow fort together, and dad videotaping it all. My guess is, they're probably from a place that doesn't get a lot of snow (if any). This could be their first time seeing or playing in the snow. Their enthusiasm and eagerness makes me think so. I just love that they're making such great memories right now and that I get to witness it right outside my office window. It makes the mundane task of totaling timesheets quite enjoyable.

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