Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chicago Visit

I will be in the Chicagoland area for part of the first week of January. I hope to see some of you while I'm there! Here's my itinerary so far. Please suggest times to hang out to fill in the open spaces!

Thursday 1/1: Fly into O'Hare late evening
Friday 1/2: Drive to Kalamazoo, MI for my friend Alicia's wedding
Saturday 1/3: Michigan for Alicia's wedding
Sunday 1/4: Drive from MI to IL during the day (evening should be open)
Monday 1/5: open
Tuesday 1/6: open
Wednesday 1/7: (day is open) Family gathering in the evening to celebrate Christmas
Thursday 1/8: Fly out of O'Hare early morning

1 comment:

Kim said...

Oh how fun!!! I hope you have a wonderful, safe trip there and back:) Sending wishes of health and joy to you for the year ahead!