Monday, September 01, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day

Working in the resort industry, I don't get holidays off. My first day in this job was Christmas Day. I was here on Memorial Day. I worked 12 hours on the 4th of July. Today is Labor Day, and that's exactly what I'm doing--working! When the rest of the country has vacation time, many of them come up here to enjoy it. That means we need to be staffed and ready to meet the guests' needs. I get that. So, today is just another Monday. However, it's not. It's frustrating because HR, the Warehouse, Payroll, and several other departments take holidays off. So, the rest of us are here but our functionality is limited because those supporting systems are not here. It should feel like a normal work day, but there are several things I can't accomplish because the people I need to communicate with are not working today! I'd like to get everything I need to do finished up before I'm off for four days, but these closures are making that difficult. I guess I should just look forward to the fact that I have four days off to spend doing fun things with my parents while they're here visiting. That will be great!

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