Wednesday, June 18, 2008

going home for memorial service

I missed a call from my mom last night. Dale called this morning to tell me that Grandpa Rajala died last night. We talked about flight possibilites and such. I'm glad that I already had the time scheduled off from work and that Kyle and I didn't have any concrete plans of how to spend the week, which means I have the flexibility to just go. I'm flying home tomorrow morning and driving to the upper peninsula of Michigan with my mom tomorrow afternoon. This is the first loss of anyone close to me that I've ever experienced. It doesn't feel quite real yet.

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Anonymous said...

How was the service? and the whole experience? I keep meaning to ask you, but am afraid that since I haven't yet, you are thinking I don't care. BUT I do. Please pop up and tell me some time when you feel up to it...-K