Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last night Kyle, Ben (Kyle's roommate), and I watched Enchanted. I loved it! Amy Adams (who played the soon-to-be-princess) really made me think her character, Giselle, was a cartoon! Her voice inflection, hand gestures, and facial expressions were over the top and very fitting for the role of a fairy tale princess. She often made you roll your eyes at how naive she was, but she was so positive and genuinely enthusiastic that you were forced to like her. I checked the credits and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she and James Marsden (who played the prince) both did their own singing. Impressive!

The movie was very cheezy, romantic, and silly. But, aren't all good fantasy stories that way? It poked fun at fairy tale romances, while still managing to be just that (and pretty convincingly, I must say). I loved that the concept of "true love" developed throughout the movie. "True love" was dynamic force in the plotline, which practically became an additional character in its own right.

I enjoyed indulging in a romantic comedy that married the separate realms of real life and fantasyland.

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