Saturday, May 24, 2008


What are the odds that a group of ten girlfriends from college, spread across two countries and five states, would remain close after six years? I'm proud to say that we've done it reasonably well. The interesting thing is that I wasn't close to all of the girls in the group during college, but through our gatherings over the years, I've gotten to know each one of them. I have a profound appreciation for every one of these incredible women. The following is not in any particular numeric order.

1. Kris, the bride (and the reason we all happened to gather this time), is the one I would credit for keeping us all in touch. She invests whole-heartedly in the people she loves and she gets joy from taking the responsibility of friendship so seriously. When she returns from her honeymoon, she will be the only one of us still living in Chicago, where we all first met during our college years at North Park University.

2. Erin, who is attending seminary in Denver, is one of the three of us making Colorado the state with the highest concentration of people from this group. She is adventurous, loving, and keenly intuitive. Her empathy and warmth will make her an excellent counselor.

3. Beth is tring to figure out where her next adventure in life will take her. She is loyal, spontaneous and creative, and her generous kindness is authentic.

4. Laura lives in Ft. Collins, CO with her husband. She is strong, wise, compassionate, and a gift of grace to all that call her a friend.

5. Kathleen and her husband recently moved to New Jersey, to serve a church there. She is going to be a mother soon, which will suit her so well because she is a natural at caring for others and demonstrating the love of Christ to everyone she encounters.

6. Stacy lives in Minnesota. She contientiously encourages and celebrates her friends, rather than drawing attention to herself. She is incredibly thoughtful and demonstrates gratitude beautifully.

7. Kristin is a P.A. in Minnesota. She is ambitious, humble, and lively. She exudes joy and brightens the lives of those around her with her smile and laughter.

8. Alicia is planning her January wedding while living as a grad student in South Africa. She is always seeking justice, but never lets her focus on the greater cause keep her from recognizing the gifts and attending to the needs of the individuals around her.

9. Sarah is attending med school in Indianapolis, where her fiance is a doctor. She is affectionate, enthusiastic, and she boldly embraces all that life has to offer.

10. Ruth lives in Colorado and is so proud to call these women her friends.

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