Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I have the best boyfriend in the world! Thanks to him I think I only made about four trips up the three flights of stairs. He and his roommate, Ben, moved the rest of the stuff into the new place I'm renting! I am so grateful.

I was working on the Sunday that we were allowed into the new condo. And, I had to be out of my old place that same day to make space for the renter who has taken my place in the house. So, the few days before moving day, I packed up everything from my room in the house and put it in the garage. (I was a little shocked and pleasantly surprised with myself that I got it all so organized ahead of time.) Kyle and Ben loaded up their cars and hauled everything up the stairs to the condo.

When I got home from work, 1/3 of the living room was filled with all my stuff! I was a little overwhelmed by the amout of space it took up. I was also very impressed and thankful that they moved it all up there for me!

Now, it's my job to find "homes" for everything within the condo. It proves to be a challenging task, since my room is quite small and my closet can only be described as tiny. There isn't a ton of storage space in the condo, so we shall see how it goes.

Acacia and I are going to Bed, Bath, & Beyond tonight to pick out stuff for our shared bathroom, as well as other odds and ends we need for the place.

It is so exciting to be starting fresh somewhere! I am very happy to be living there. One thing I absolutely love about the condo is the fact that Straight Creek runs through the back of the complex. With all of the snowmelt runoff, the water is running pretty strong right now, which means I get to fall asleep to the sound of a rushing river each night. That's pretty wonderful.

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