Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, it's back to normal life again... This weekend marked the end of all my visitors.

-Antoinette and David arrived from Texas last Wednesday.
-My dad and his girlfriend Cathy also arrived in Colorado on Wednesday, but they didn't make it up here to Summit County until Thursday evening.
-Antoinette and David left on Saturday morning to travel to Buena Vista, CO for their rafting/backpacking trip.
-Dad and Cathy started driving back to Arizona on Sunday.

It was a wonderful time all around! I was a little nervous about how I was going to divide up my time and keep everyone happy and entertained, while still working full time. However, when I released control and just let things unfold, everyone ended up having a great time.

My dad said it well. "Ruth, you always tell me that you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I didn't belive you. I didn't think it could be as pretty as you said. But, you're right. This is more beautiful than I could have imagined. You did it. Your prayer was answered. You always wanted to live in the mountains and here you are."

I hope more people come and visit me so I can show off my gorgeous surroundings!
Who's next?

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The Process said...

Hey Ruth! Found your link from Heather and it's fun to hear how you're doing and what you're up to! Glad to hear that CO is going well! Check out our blog when you get a chance.