Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Moving Again?

Originally, I had planned on being done with school by the summer of 2007. I figured, even if living in Chicago wasn't excellent, I could handle it for that length of time, knowing that it could equip me to move to Colorado when it was all over. Well, after meeting with an advisor to get some clarity about scheduling of classes and such, she told me that the soonest I would be done would be the summer of 2008. It's not that I have many classes to take, it's just that they're spaced out so much that the schedule prevents me from getting them done faster. That news sent my world into a tailspin. Two years? Two more years of being here? I don't know if I can handle that. I don't know if I can be here for that long. There is so little going for me here. Two years is a long time.

Perhaps I need to consider moving to Colorado sooner, rather than later. That way I can plant myself and really invest in some things that make me feel more like me. I can meet friends that I plan on keeping. I can work and save money while I establish residency. After a year I'll qualify for in-state tuition so I can go to a public school, rather than dishing out the big bucks (or taking out big loans) for a private school like I've been doing. I'll be surrounded by beauty, something I've always craved. And, I will be able to see my boyfriend more than once a month!

I don't have any concrete plans now. No time frame, no job ideas, no places lined up to live. I'm just considering what it would take for me to relocate again. One thing I know is that I'm not considering a move until I get some financial and organizational peace in my life. When I move next, I want to feel good about it--secure, stable, ready to take it on. There's still way too much up in the air for me to be at that place right now. It'll come though, I trust that. Even more importantly, I'll work toward it, as I keep my spirit open to how God's leading.


LK said...

i'll keep all this in my prayers, i just want you to be happy!

Anonymous said...

Ruth! Hey, it's Sarah White from The Woodlands! Okay, I know you didn't give me this url, and I hadn't heard from you in a while and funny how this was my first guess for this thing and I was right. I hope everything is wonderful with you! I have finished my first year of college! It's crazy insane, and everything with a certain someone is going wonderfully as well! Even though he's not here this summer it's still okay! I know you must be busy with everything, but I wanted to give you my e-mail again: smw0168@unt.edu I'd really hate to lose contact with you, I really enjoy our talks! I remember the last time I talked to you was right after I had found a new church in Denton, well, I have continued to go (up until I had to come back home) and I am absolutely loving it there!! I really miss it, and I can't wait to get back in the fall! I know this is rather long, and i'm sorry, I just wanted to say hi! I hope to get an e-mail soon! I know you're not online much anymore, but maybe we can have a monthly e-mail exchange! Hope your summer is wonderful! Hope to talk to you soon!! Love, Sarah