Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Designed for me?

Human Development
Are you interested in people? Do you wish to learn more about how people work together and human dynamics? With the world becoming "one" due to globalization and other factors, there has never been a greater need for skills that facilitate human interaction across socioeconomic, cultural, and religious boundaries.

Courses in the human development major focus on the following areas:
-Group dynamics
-Personality and learning theory
-Social and cultural context of human development
-Human development from infancy through elderly living

How perfectly does that description fit me? It seems like this program was designed with all of my interests woven together! This is definitely an opportunity I need to pursue. Combined with my Spanish and Youth Ministry background, this could be a wonderful opportunity for me. Imagine the possibilities this could open up... I'm very excited to consider this as a step for my future.


APN said...

I do rather love the look of your new blog - not the artistic design, per se, but the emotional & spiritual designs. The openness of your discussion, the passion of your comments, the freedom you feel (as frustrating as your circumstances might be at the present) all are beautiful to read and see unfolding in your life.


Ruth said...

I think the freedom I feel is actually because of my circumstances at the present...
There is so much to consider and wonder about that I have to be completely open to God and how He's going to move in my life. It's a fun adventure I'm on right now! Thanks for the compliment, Adam.

Anonymous said...

i love it!