Thursday, October 27, 2005


"Ah, the work of vision... It's not about running away from, replacing, fixing, or avoiding what's sick or broken in your past, but about creating, embracing, including, and integrating what's healthy and whole in your present and future."

That quote came from here:

I had written this amazing post (truly, it was...) about that quote.
I went to publish it and...DELETED!
I wrote it all out again--it was fresh enough in my memory--only to have it erased again!

After working through my thoughts (twice!) so particularly, the concepts I was writing about became etched in my brain quite concretely. Perhaps the idea had to be set in my mind, but maybe I was the only one who really needed to read those specific words.

I'm sorry you missed out on the post in its entirety.
Basically, the idea was this:
It is possible to deal with the past in a way that is future-minded and positive.
It is done by using one's present health and wholeness as the lens for re-visiting what is sick and broken from the past, in an effort to redeem it and make it new.

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